Can't Stop Time
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In the beginning, various incarnations of the current band were playing around the area under the names; The Opinion and Broken Harbor.

In 1995, with the addition of keyboards to the band, along with a flurry of songwriting and rehearsing that would result in the release of their first album, Primitive Hope, Thunderheads was formed.
With their superbly crafted songs, crisp vocal harmonies, and epic guitar passages, Thunderheads create a unique sound that "seems to suggest southern rock meets Sting" according to a review of the band's first CD by Kurt Koehler.
That CD, Primitive Hope also received great reviews from local newspapers.
The album received airplay on 92 KQRS and Cities 97's local music shows, as well. Primitive Hope was "one of the best local releases of 1996" according to Cities 97's Bill DeVille who at the time hosted the local music show there.

Thunderheads latest album; Can't Stop Time, is a collection of new original songs about life, love and living in an age where time seems to fly at hyper-speed.

"Our original songs are inspired by an eclectic mix of rock, prog rock, folk-rock, blues and jazz-rock, with extended jams sometimes thrown in.
We play cover material too and do some "Tribute Shows" of our favorite artists, but our own songs are what drive our ambitions. Some say we sound a little like The Allman Brothers, The Eagles, sometimes Grateful Dead or Neil Young. Sometimes Blues Traveler or Wallflowers. I don't know really, listen to our decide".

Appreciated for their fine live performances and being influenced by a variety of great artists and groups, Thunderheads are winning new fans at every gig. Besides performing some of the band's own material at each show, they often include tunes by Little Feat, Grateful Dead, Dire Straits, Allman Brothers, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Sting, Neil Young, and many more.

Current members: Steve Blexrud, Craig Paquette, Don Blue, Bill Boyce