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Steve Blexrud is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and a founding member of the Minneapolis-based band Thunderheads. Steve and co-founder Craig Paquette have been performing together for over 35 years and are still going strong.

Blexrud is also an adept solo artist performing shows throughout the year around the area. He has a rock, folk, and blues guitar style that radiates from the heart, and his soulful voice is engaging and emotional. Steve has artfully crafted his musical influences into a sound and style of his own, helping to earn him many followers around the region. Solid Blexrud originals like Time to Play (a song to get away with) and Grip of the Black Gold (a song for a crying Earth) can be found on the Thunderheads album Can’t Stop Time.

Performances typically include a mix of original and cover music which helps attract his, and the band’s, broad fanbase. In part, song lists are compiled from a large catalog of cover music by such artists as: Dire Straits, Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, The Allman Brothers, Little Feat, Neil Young, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and many more. Listeners are bound to hear something they like at every show. Steve’s performances, whether solo, duo, or with Thunderheads, are among the best you’ll hear on the local music scene.

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Thuderheads - Can't Stop Time
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Can't Stop Time

Release Date: 2007

Inspired by some of the great album rock and blues of the 70's and 80's, Can't Stop Time is a rich and tasty blend of songs about life, love and living in an age where time seems to fly at hyper-speed. Featuring "Grip of the Black Gold" and "Seven Years".

Thuderheads - Primitive Hope

Primitive Hope

Release Date: 1996

The band’s first album. Originally recorded on analog equipment.